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  July 6, 2013 at 3:10 am by

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It’s known that when a women feels comfortable in a particular shoe, she buys another pair. The same doesn’t really go for a dress, but it does for the Princess of Monaco, Charlene.

Charlene has recently been stepping out in a particular dress which she has in a long version in beige and a shorter version in orange.

On May 26, she wore the orange version of the dress to the Formula One Grand Prix of Monaco in Monaco see here.
On June 13 and July 5, she recycled the floor length dress to both events that were held in Monaco see here. The dress designer is Akris, featured in green on the Spring 2013 runway.

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2 Responses to Charlene Loves The Dress

  1. Hampton says:

    Poor Charlene.
    The dress needs to be fitted-its not a sack…And no jewels again. Either she hates wearing any type of jewelry or A. The Princess of Hanover hass all the good stuff. b. Albert locked it away in case she goes on the lam, c. she pawned it al to buy ticket back to South Africa where she would prefer chasing rhinos in the bush to being princess.
    Solution: Buy Fabulous fake and hire Rachel Zoe as your stylist and start Kickstarter campaign to buy Rocks for the Royals…..

  2. Lady Daphne says:

    Awful awful dress. Good Grief!! What is she thinking??

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