Louis & Tessy Take Boys To Garden Party

  July 3, 2013 at 11:32 pm by

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Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg today attended a garden party at the Episcopal Palace.

The party, called BBQ at Bëschof, was hosted by the Archbishop of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Hollerich, in the garden of his home. The majority of the guests were Luxembourg’s homeless citizens, who were invited for a barbecue lunch with the Archbishop.

Louis and Tessy brought along their two young sons, Princes Gabriel and Noah, who were dressed in bright colours – green and yellow – despite the dreary weather.

Guests were entertained by musicians during the event.

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One Response to Louis & Tessy Take Boys To Garden Party

  1. Lucy Hallis says:

    I read the article about Prince Louis and Princess Tessy who took their sons to a Garden Party which was hosted by the Archbishop of Luxembourg. Most of the people at the party were homeless people who had been invited by the Archbishop. I think that it’s great that they attended the party and I also think this is good that their sons were also in attendance.

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