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Prince Philip Leaves Hospital

  June 20, 2013 at 2:36 pm by

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The Duke of Edinburgh left the London Clinic on Monday evening, June 17th, after having spent 11 days at the hospital.

The 92 year old Greek-born Prince was in good spirits and thanked the staff he left.

Over the previous few days, the Prince had received visits from several members of the Royal Family including Queen Elizabeth II, the Prince of Wales and Princes Edward, William and Harry.

It’s expected that Prince Philip will take up to two months convalescence over the summer.

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4 Responses to Prince Philip Leaves Hospital

  1. Lowell says:

    Nice to hear that Prince Philip has left the hosptial. We all wish him well. Interesting to point out that he is a Greek-born prince, although his family, once Battenberg, was changed to the French Mountbatten, apparently for the same reason that the British royals went from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor. Let us also not forget that many of the Duke of Edinburgh’s cousins, who retained the name Battenberg, served “The Fuehrer” quite faithfully during the war that the Windsors and their whole nation waged so valiantly against the forces of evil.

  2. Heinz Stumpf says:

    First of all, Mountbatten is literally translated from German Battenberg = berg equals to mount and Batten did not to be changed. No French involved.
    Secondly, the “forces of evil” under mass murderer Hitler were soldiers who had no choice but to obey – like all other soldiers in this world who would rather stay at home to take care of their families instead of killing soldiers from other countries

  3. Irene McFarlane says:

    Well said Heinz if they had refused to serve they would have been shot Lowell why pick on his German connections where do you think the Saxons came from. Philips paternal is from the Danish Royal Family his father Prince George who was offerred the throne of Greece, his mother was born in Windsor Castle in the presence of her great grandmother,Queen Victoria, his grandmother was Princess Alice second daughter of Victoria and Albert, yes she married a German European Royalty are all intertwined but then so did Victoria and the Kaiser was her grandson doesn’t make them enemies that was the past you can’t choose or help who your family were,allies and enemies often change places over the years. Q.V was the grandmother of all European Royalty the Danish King Christian was the grandfather of Europe I am sure there are a lot of English that have German blood way back too and German cousins.My family lost members fightng the war and in the bombings of London, my parent were bombed out but they carry no animosity towards the German people and certainly none towards Prince Phillip and his family

  4. Natalya says:

    Good summer convalescence to the Prince Philip !

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