Swedes Celebrate National Day

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The Swedish Royal Family was out in force yesterday to celebrate the country’s national day.

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Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel officially opened the gates of the Royal Palace of Stockholm at 10am, which begins a full day of free access to the Royal Palace for the public. The couple were joined by a surprise guest – little Princess Estelle, who was dressed in a white sailor dress and was clutching a stuffed toy lion.

The fifteen-month-old did not appear to be impressed with the event, providing expressions which closely resembled those of her maternal grandfather, King Carl Gustaf.

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Later in the afternoon, the Royal Family spent some time posing for photos on the steps of the Royal Palace before departing for Skansen and the traditional National Day concert. Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle and Princess Madeleine all wore Swedish national dress, while the men – King Carl Gustaf, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip and Christopher O’Neill (making his National Day debut) – wore simple suits.

It was then on to Skansen via horse-drawn carriages, again, Princess Estelle did not appear too enthused. During the concert, the King delivered a speech, in which he spoke of the bright future of Sweden and how everyone is responsible to protect and care for the country.

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He also mentioned the wedding of Princess Madeleine and Christopher O’Neill tomorrow – “Summer can also be infatuation period, a time when you might find love. That is also when many people choose to get married…Seeing you, fills us with both joy and memories. Happiness that you found love and someone to build your future with. Memories of all that we have experienced with you, from your first glance, and your first laugh – until you are today.”

National Day ended with a reception hosted by the King at the Royal Palace, where the Royal Family met with members of parliament, government, the public sector and the diplomatic corps.

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