Mexican President Calderón Makes State Visit to Britain

  March 30, 2009 at 3:17 pm by

Click on the image to view a photo gallery at The Telegraph

Click on the image to view a photo gallery at The Telegraph

President Calderón of Mexico, and his wife, Margarita Zavala, have arrived to Buckingham Palace today for a state visit ahead of the upcoming G20 Summit in London. The Queen and Prince Philip greeted their visitors in style with a pomp-filled parade at Horseguards near the Mall.

President Calderón’s state visit is the first by a Mexican head of state to Britain in almost 25 years; President Miguel de la Madrid’s visit in 1985 was the most recent.

During the official visit, President Calderón will also meet with Prime Minister Gordon Brown and will make an address to both Houses of Parliament. A state banquet at Buckingham Palace will be held in his honor this evening.

As per tradition, the heads of state exchanged gifts to mark the visit. The Queen and The Duke gave President Calderón a first edition of George Orwell’s 1984, as Orwell is one of his favorite authors. The royal couple gave Senora Zavala a small engraved silver box. From the President and his wife, The Queen received a Maque tray from the President’s home state of Michoacan, while Prince Philip received a wooden chest.

The President’s state visit will last for four days. For more details, see this thread.

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3 Responses to Mexican President Calderón Makes State Visit to Britain

  1. avrilo says:

    The Mrs Zavala de Calderon o Mrs. Zavala would be the correct way to call the First Lady

  2. Ella Kay says:

    Would “Senora Zavala” not be the way to say “Mrs. Zavala” in Spanish? I was following the way that The Telegraph titled her in one of their articles about the visit.

  3. avrilo says:

    Yes, Señora Zavala means Mrs. Zavala in Spanish, but I think you could translate. It looks odd

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