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The Duchess of Cornwall has spent the past two days in Paris, France, in what was her first official solo overseas visit.

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Arriving on May 27th on the Eurostar from London, the Duchess undertook the visit as part of her patronage of Emmaus UK, which helps homeless people rebuild their lives. The Duchess, who has been patron of the organisation since 2006, was accompanied by several staff members of Emmaus, and visited two Emmaus communities within Paris.

During her visit to the Emmaus community in Bougival, Camilla delivered a speech in French. Speaking of her speech beforehand, the Duchess said that she had not spoken French since she was a teenager and that it was “slighty rusty”. According to members of the audience though, Camilla’s French was quite good – albeit with very English pronunciation. Watch the Duchess’s speech here. During the visit to the community, the Duchess also took the time to browse their second-hand stores, which sell goods which have been repaired and cleaned by the community members.

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That evening, the Duchess attended a reception and dinner at the British Embassy hosted by the Sir Peter Ricketts, the British Ambassador. The reception was also attended by Britons who live in France, including chef Rachel Khoo and World War II veterans.

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On May 28th, Camilla viewed an equestrian display at the Garde Républicaine. This was undertaken as part of her patronage of the British Equestrian Foundation. The Duchess inspected an honour guard, and also spoke with people who were taking part in the upcoming Big Battlefield Bikeride at Les Invalides to raise funds for Help For Heroes.

In the afternoon, before heading back to London, the Duchess visited the Louvre, a local market and the Dior headquarters workshop.

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3 Responses to Camilla in Paris

  1. Father Andrew L.J.James, Ph.D. says:

    As I recall, Camilla Parker Bowles is a descendant of one of the bastards of King Edward, VII. An article about that scandal might be more interesting than her help for the homeless (not that that is unimportant). She and Charles are cousins, even though (if the story is true) her part of that family was “born on the wrong side of the blanket.” Consanquinity rears its ugly head.

  2. natalya says:

    Son Altesse royale a donne a tout le monde une example qui aide a cooperer amicalement et de facon efficace. Je l’admire sincerement.

  3. Kevin Clements says:

    Sorry to disappoint Father Andrew, but no, she is not a decendant of Edward VII, but from many generations back from that. She is a decendant of Charles II, who was married to Mary of Modena, who remained childless in their marriage, but that didn’t stop Charles from having children. Camilla is a decendant of one of them

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