King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima: “Appeltjes van Oranje 2013”

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On Thursday May 16th, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima attended the “Appeltjes van Oranje 2013” and “Oranje Fonds Kroonappels” awards ceremony at the Royal Palace.  Princess Beatrix was present too.

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The theme of the awards this year was “All Years count”, about what a group of people of different ages together can learn from each other.

The winners of the “Appeltjes van Oranje 2013” were: “Peeking at the neighbors, Southeast Care Foundation, Oosterwolde”, “Youth Red Cross Foundation, Willemstad Curacao” and “The Generation Garden, Foundation Group Sapphire Residence, The Hague”. They won a bronze statue, designed by Princess Beatrix, and 15,000 euros.

The winners of the “Oranje Fonds Kroonappels” were: “Best Buddies, Goeree-Overvlakkee”, “Stadstuin Emma’s Court, The Hague” and “Foundation Manteling, Middelburg”. They received a bronze statue and 50,000 euros.

Queen Maxima started her speech by thanking Princess Beatrix “for her support and enthusiasm for the Orange Fund.” Talking about the theme of this year’s award, the connection between generations, she stressed how important is that differents generations remain in contact. Queen Maxima also praised the excellent work made by the winners of the awards.

The “Appeltjes van Oranje” is since 2003 an annual award of the “Oranje Fonds”. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima are patrons of the Orange Fund.

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