Prince Carl Philip of Sweden Turns 34

  May 14, 2013 at 4:18 am by

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The ever popular Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, Duke of Värmland celebrated his 34th birthday on the 13th of May. The Swedish Prince is the only son of Their Majesties King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden.

He was born in Stockholm on May 14th, 1979. The Prince who is currently third in the line of succession to the Swedish throne and has an older sister, Crown Princess Victoria, as well as a younger sister, Princess Madeleine.

Chosen as his Godparents for his lavish baptism were his late great-uncle Prince Bertil of Sweden Duke of Halland, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, his aunt Princess Birgitta of Sweden and Prince Leopold of Bavaria.

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3 Responses to Prince Carl Philip of Sweden Turns 34

  1. natalya says:

    Happy Birthday to the Prince Carl Philip of Sweden !
    Happiness! Happiness ! Happiness !!!

  2. Father Andrew L. J. James, Ph.D. says:

    It is a little known (little cared about) fact that: One of my great, great, great, great grandfathers, Guillaume Duduit, was a corporal in the Militia Bourgeoisie, and that he attacked the Bastille, on the 14 July, 1 1789. I used to envy the Swedish Royal Family. I would think: “Isn’t it a pity that, if I had to have a great grandfather in the military service to la France, it could have been Bernadotte, the general adopted by the king of Sweden. But, no! A long time ago, I stopped envying the Royal Family of Sweden. They now seem to be the prisoners of the Politically Correct.

  3. I’m from the United States, Massachusetts. I wish Prince Carl of Sweden a happy birthday and I’d like to know why he’s not married he’s handsome.

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