Felipe and Letizia’s Official Visit to Panama

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October 3rd-4th, 2012

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The Prince and Princess of Asturias departed Barajas Airport in Madrid on Tuesday October 2nd to begin a three-day visit to the Republics of Panama and Ecuador. Having landed and settled in Panama City, capital of the central American Republic, the Prince and Princess went out for dinner in a city centre restaurant.

The following day, October 3rd, the Prince and Princess began their official duties. First on their itinerary was their attendance at the opening of the Second Meeting ICEX Spanish companies in Panama. Currently the Republic of Panama is undergoing an economic boom and the visit by the Prince and Princess is aimed at supporting the more than 250 Spanish companies currently based in Panama. Following this, the Prince and Princess next stop was a visit to the Presidential Palace Las Garzas, where they were warmly received by President Ricardo Martinelli and his wife, Marta Linares.

Having held a meeting with the President, the Prince and Princess attended a luncheon in their honour hosted by the President and First Lady.

On October 4th, they concluded their visit to Panama and travelled on to the Republic of Ecuador.

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2 Responses to Felipe and Letizia’s Official Visit to Panama

  1. kitty hogan says:

    does the princess ever smile? will they try for a son?

  2. Artemisia says:

    @ kitty hogan
    Princess Letizia does smile, and quite frequently. However, that precise moment the picture was taken at (playing of Panama’s official anthem) was hardly the best one for a smile.

    As for a son, Spain has Male Primogeniture rules (same as, at the moment, Britain), so females can succeed to the Throne. The Prince and Princess of Asturias are already parents to two girls, so the succession is guaranteed. Furthermore, it is extremely likely that should Princess Letizia announce she is pregnant with a son (they announced she was expected a daughter beforehand during her second pregnancy), laws would be swiftly passed changing the succession to Equal Primogeniture, whereby Infanta Leonor would still be heiress to the Throne. The couple may or may not decide to add another child to their family but they most certainly don’t have to out of dynastic reasons.

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