Spanish Royals Honour Regimiento de Caballería Acorazado “Alcántara”

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October 1st, 2012 – Madrid

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The Spanish Royal Family presided over a solemn military ceremony in the courtyard of the Palacio Real in Madrid for the imposition of the Distinguished Cross San Fernando to the Alcantara Regimental Cavalry Banner.

Present today were The King, Queen, Prince and Princess of Asturias, Infantas Elena and Pilar, Infanta Margarita and her husband the Duke of Soria, Infante Carlos and his wife Princess Anne. In fact nearly every senior Spanish royal was present with the exception of the Duke and Duchess of Palma de Mallorca.

King Juan Carlos and Prince Felipe both wore military uniforms to the ceremony.

The Laureate Cross of Saint Ferdinand is Spain’s highest military award for gallantry and was last bestowed in 1943. The Royal Military Order of Saint Ferdinand dates back to 1811 to honour heroic feats of arms and those eligible for the distinguished award are current and former members of the Spanish Armed Forces.

The Regimiento de Caballería Acorazado “Alcántara” were honoured for their heroism during the 1921 Rif War between Spain and the Moroccan Berbers.

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2 Responses to Spanish Royals Honour Regimiento de Caballería Acorazado “Alcántara”

  1. Father Andrew L. J. James, Ph.D. says:

    Every time I see the queen of Spain, a German brought up Greek (and Greek Orthodox), I remember that portion of the Orthodox Catechism which says: “Anyone who knows the truth of the Orthodox Catholic Faith, and turns from it cannot be saved.” Sofia, too? Would it depend upon what she knew of the Orthodox Catholic Faith, would it?

    Years ago, I had a conversation of Princess Elean of Romania (Mother Alexandra, an Orthodox nun) about her nephew, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. She claimed Philip had been brought up Anglican. Since Philip’s mother became an Orthodox nun, how likely is it that Mother Alexandra’s story is true? At the coronation of Elizabeth, II, there is a ghostly figure off with the other royal persons. Philip’s mother, dressed as a nun.

    Does anyone have an explanation for these imponderables?

  2. ThomasRex says:

    As a [practicing] Orthodox Christian of many years, I can tell you there is NO “Orthodox cathechism” comparable to what RCs call “the [official] Catechism”. Perhaps you are referring to the questions at the chrismation ceremony/reception of converts? The very statement you quote is quite un-Orthodox in its spirit! In addition, “for reasons of state” Sovereigns have in the past changed religions (especially to become the Queen of Spain!), without (at least in most cases) not incurring calls of DAMNATION from any side. I recall seeing Queen Sophia signing herself with the Cross in the Orthodox manner, I believe during a wedding of one of her children. She was also -and you know this- was married in two ceremonies, RC and Orthodox, in Athens.
    Mother Alexandra was my spiritual mother for many years and she was close to the Duke of Edinburgh and all of what she termed “the English family” and on her last trip to the UK she lunched at Windsor with HM, HRH, and the Prince of Wales and visited the Queen Mother at Royal Lodge. We spoke of the religious “requirements” of royalty on a few occasions. If you have read Philip Eade’s book you know that young Prince Philip’s life was peripatetic in the extreme. “Raised Anglican” is a bit of a stretch. He has -like his eldest son- an Orthodox streak which -like the Queen of Spain’s- doesn’t just disappear.
    Princess Sophie of Greece, by the way, was born in Greece and therefore a Greek, not “German”. Her mother, however, was born in Germany. There’s a Greek word for this: “xenophobia”. You remind me of the leftist-“republicans” in the UK who blather on about the Saxe-Coburgs, the Krauts in the Palace, Frau von Battenberg etc.

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