Queen Noor Celebrates Atlantic College’s 50th Anniversary

  September 20, 2012 at 9:26 pm by

The President of United World Colleges, Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan, visited on Wednesday the St Donat’s Castle School in Wales. The visit was to celebrate the castle’s 50th anniversary as a location for an international college.

Queen Noor had the opportunity to meet with students and alumni, and she helped to bury a time capsule containing students’ stories on Wales’ effect on their world.

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2 Responses to Queen Noor Celebrates Atlantic College’s 50th Anniversary

  1. Oh her Majesty (Queen Noor Alhussein) very beautiful,i like her beauty it’s striking,lovely has spontaneous look&she’s also simply atractive
    her Majesty deserves to be called Queen of the hearts like the forgiven
    blessed dead his Majesty King(Hussein Bin Talal)(God rest his soul)
    His Majesty’s name was connected to the inspired sentence
    (The King Of The Heart)
    Honestly he is,
    when you look at his Majesty’s smile : it captured the heart( at this moment i feel like im a tenager )
    and both the Smile never leav their optimisted pleaser faces
    i find it so hard to show allways asmile on our faces.
    now the pupils wawo have a feast&more than celebration : this raise their Morales&biuld them nice impressio
    faithfull regards and nice wishes to her majesty : Queen Noor Alhussein

  2. SalannB says:

    I miss King Hussein, as well. He was a fine, fine, statesman, a wise man and a gentle soul. His moderating voice is missed in the Middle East.

    I love hearing about Queen Noor. She’s so lovely.

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