Christie’s Auctions Beatrix’s Clay Sculpture

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At the end of this month the auction house Christie’s will auction a small clay sculpture that was made by queen Beatrix. It is a small red/brown clay sculpture of the head of a horse that she made in 1948, and it is signed: ‘Trix 48’. It is expected that the item will bring in between 2400 and 2800 Euros. Christie’s estimates are founded on the price they received last year when they auctioned two childhood drawings of the Dutch queen.

Click on image to see sculpture at PPE

Click on image to see sculpture at PPE

Christie’s does not want to say who is selling the statue to newspaper ‘Het Parool’, but their spokes person, Maarten van Gijn does say that the queen knows about the auction. Items like these usually come into the posession of people by inheritance from their parents or grand parents. Items like these are usually bought by fans of the royal family or by one of the Orange associations. Last year the two drawings were bought by ‘Princess’, a company for household electronics. They now have the drawings in their boardroom, ‘isn’t that nicer than leave such stuff on the atic?’, asks van Gijn.

The sculpture will be auctioned in Amsterdam at an auction where more private items of royalty and nobility are auctioned, among them a napkin of Tsar Nicholas II. From 27 to 30 March potential buyers can have a look at the items that are auctioned. The auction it sell will be on 31 March and 1 April.

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  1. Auction Guru says:

    I wonder how much this piece of history will go for. My guess is that it will auction for a lot more than most people believe it will. I’m excited to see what happens!

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