King Juan Carlos Suffers Another Fall

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Madrid – August 2nd, 2012

His Majesty King Juan Carlos suffered another fall yesterday while on a visit to the Defence Headquarters in Madrid.

It appears that the King stumbled on a step having inspected and saluted a guard of honour and fell. The King immediately got back up and suffered nothing more than a few cuts and bruises to his chin and nose.

The King later continued his visit to the Defence Headquarters in Madrid.

King Juan Carlos recently hit the headlines after having suffered another fall in April which resulted in a broken hip while on a controversial hunting trip to Botswana in Africa.

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3 Responses to King Juan Carlos Suffers Another Fall

  1. Nathalia says:

    goodness.. I hope he is alright, I understand that the average person might find themselves stumbling frequently. However, at his age I hope his health isn’t at risk from all of these falls

  2. natalya says:

    Dear Lord, save the King of Spain!

  3. Nubis says:

    hope you are ok and you enjoyed africa

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