King Albert II And Queen Paola’s Golden Wedding Details

  March 25, 2009 at 7:14 am by

Click on image to see more photos.

Click on image to see more photos.

King Albert II and Queen Paola of The Belgians will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on 2 June 2009. The couple married in 1959 and want to organise a special event to mark the occassion.

In style with the Belgian royal court this will not be a celebration that includes a glittering parade of foreign royals, instead they usually opt for a celebration with other Belgians, like last year when Queen Paola invited hundreds of people who worked in childcare to celebrate her 70th birthday in the gardens of Laeken Palace, Brussels.

This time the couple wants to invite couples that married on the same date as they did. These couples will be invited to the party that they will organise on August 3oth in Laeken. On the actual day of their wedding anniversary the royal couple prefers to have a private celebration with only family and friends.

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