Queen Silvia Receives Cancer Cyclists at Solliden

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Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf are currently spending their summer holidays at Solliden Palace on Öland. Yesterday, Queen Silvia was visited by a special group of young women.

Four best friends – Beatrice Björch, Stina Lif, Adéle Rundgren and Amanda Löfgren – arrived at Solliden to meet with the Queen at the end of their route. The girls have cycled from Östersund, in the middle of Sweden, to Böda, the northern-most commune on the island of Öland (a total of approximately 1,100 kilometres), in twelve days.

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Their trip is called ‘Juliaresan’ (Julia Journey), in honour of the fifth in their “Fantastic Five” – Julia Björch. In November 2010, Julia was diagnosed with bone cancer and underwent several courses of chemotherapy before doctors advised the amputation of her leg as the best course of treatment. Despite the amputation, the cancer returned – and had also metastasized to her lungs. Unfortunately, on February 29th this year, Julia passed away surrounded by her family and closest friends.

Read more about Juliaresan at the link

The girls decided to do something in honour of their best friend, and chose to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Foundation, of which Queen Silvia is patron, through a bike ride in Julia’s memory. To date, the girls have raised 300,000SEK for the charity (approximately 35,000€ / $USD43,000). Their aim is to raise 1,000,000SEK by the end of 2012.

The Queen gladly posed for photos with the girls, and was seen driving herself to and from the courtyard in a jeep.

Click here to visit the Juliaresan website, where you can find more information about the girls and a blog following their progress along the route. Their YouTube channel is here, with videos of different stages of the route.

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  1. wish her majesty become very well ever soon eimen

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