2008 Award of Castillia and León in Economics “Infanta Crisitina”

  March 24, 2009 at 3:46 pm by

Click here to see more photos at casareal

Click here to see more photos at Casa Real

Her Royal Highness Infanta Cristina attended the XIV edition of the 2008 Award of Castillia and León in Economics, which took place today in Burgos.

This award was created in 1995 by the Council of Castilla y Leon to honour the research labour of individuals or institutions in the field of economics because of the importance of the economy to every aspect of society.

This year’s award goes to the Foundation for Applied Economics Research (FEDEA), a research centre which was set up to produce quality, objective and independent economic analysis. It main intention is to “foster effective economic and social proposals through an understanding of their implications for individuals, families and businesses in Spain.”

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