British Royal Family No Longer The Most “Expensive” In Europe

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For many years, British Monarchy was considered to be the most expensive in Europe based on the amount the Head of State receives from the taxpayers. However, that distinction now belongs to the Dutch Royal Family, which overtook the British one this year.

Professor Herman Matthijs of Ghent University has published a report on the costs of European Heads of State. In it, he notes that according to a very detailed financial reports provided by Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth has taken a pay cut, reducing the bill footed by taxpayers from £35.5 million to £29 million – a reduction of 16%.

Many other European Royal Families opted for similar cuts, including the Spanish one; King Juan Carlos, Crown Prince Felipe and other working members of the Spanish Royal Family reduced their salaries by approximately 7% each.

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At the same time, the money received by the Dutch Royals has remained fixed at just over £30.5 million. The Dutch Royals are not the only ones not to opt for cuts though; none of the Scandinavian Royal Families did that either because their economies do not experience most of the difficulties the other European countries do.

According to Matthijs’ report, the most expensive European Head of State is not, however, a Monarch – it is in fact an elected Head of State. The cost of maintaining the President of France is higher than that of Dutch, British, Spanish and Scandinavian Royals combined; the running of the Palais de l’Élysée alone is nearly £90 million.

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6 Responses to British Royal Family No Longer The Most “Expensive” In Europe

  1. I’m glad to see that the research confirms what I have always suspected, that elected Heads of State are far more expensive than Monarchies and that monarchs provide far more value and service to their people than elected Heads of State do .
    There is also a different philosophical view point in that monarchies show a long term interest in the well being of their people as compared with the short term interest of politically elected Heads of State.

  2. It was always my understanding that: When His Majesty George I (who spoke no English) came to the throne, he put into escrow all the lands and whatnot pertaining to the Royal House. That would include everything since the Conquest. Hence, the Royal Family actually costs the British nothing. HRH Charles Philip Arthur George, the “Prince of Wales,” has doubled the income of the Duchy of Cornwall from $25,000,000 to $50,000,000, though careful management. Are these things not so?

  3. Artemisia says:

    @ Fr. Andrew L. J. James

    I believe you mean the Crown Estate. it belongs to the Monarch in his/her official capacity, but not privately (meaning, the Monarch would be unable to sell any part of the Estate personally, without the permission and approval of the Crown Estate Commissioners). Similarly, the revenues from the Estate go not to the Monarch personally, but to the Treasury. In return, the Monarch receives money from the Civil List.

    It has to be noted, however, that surrendering the surplus revenues from the Crown Estate is a voluntarily act each Monarch agrees to upon accession. That would mean that technically Queen Elizabeth gives to the Treasury far more than she receives because the Crown Estate generates an income that is considerably bigger than the Civil List money. Of course, if Her Majesty were to opt to keep the Crown Estate income, the consequences are hard to imagine but it would create some sort of a constitutional crisis: the understanding between the Crown and the Parliament/Government is quite old.

    The revenue from The Duchy of Cornwall estate is meant to maintain the Heir Apparent to the Throne. It is exempt from tax, but Prince Charles voluntarily pays it nonetheless. And yes, the Prince turned out to be quite a successful entrepreneur because the income from the Duchy has considerably increased in the last couple of decades.

  4. June Rowan says:

    I thoroughly enjoy reading The Royal Forms and would appreciate it if you could also send a copy of my sister whose email address is above. Thank you.

  5. natalya says:

    How wonderfully educating the Royal Forum Page is !
    Highest respect to the persons who run it!

  6. I honestly feel excited when i read about the Royal forums specialy
    the British Royal family : i found them the best to know about
    as they seems the head of the world since the past . also as they now
    have their new bridegrooms Kate & Wiliam & all the world focussing on
    them : for me Kate is amazing specialy her eyes she’s the first now
    also Wiliam so lovely .

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