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Happy Birthday Mama Victoria!

  July 15, 2012 at 11:20 pm by

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Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden yesterday celebrated her thirty-fifth birthday. The traditional ‘Victoriadagen’ festivities to mark her birthday were held in Öland, where the Royal Family spends a portion of their summer holidays.

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In the early afternoon, the Crown Princess appeared with her family in the courtyard of Solliden Palace to accept the well-wishes of the crowd who had gathered. Princess Victoria, wearing a pale blue dress and cardigan, was joined by her husband, Prince Daniel, and their five month old daughter, Princess Estelle. King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia also joined the Crown Princess Family in the garden.

The King held a brief speech, thanking everyone for coming out to celebrate and praising the sun: “At last, we get some sun. Something we all have in common is that we have not seen the sun so much, but on Öland, at Solliden, the sun shines.” He also called his granddaughter a “little ray of sunshine”, before leading the crowd in a birthday cheer.

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As Crown Princess Victoria worked the crowds, Prince Daniel and Queen Silvia took turns in holding little Estelle, before the Queen took the infant back inside to her nanny.

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Last night, the entire Royal Family turned out for the annual Victoriadagen concert at the Borgholm Idrottsplats, where performances were made by Agnes Carlsson, Loreen, Ulrik Munther, Rigmor Gustavsson and After Shave. Crown Princess Victoria and Queen Silvia both wore regional costumes, while Princess Madeleine borrowed the Yves Saint Laurent shoes her sister wore earlier in the day.

The Victoria Scholarship this year was presented to Swedish curler Anette Norberg.

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Mama Victoria!

  1. Artemisia says:

    Little Estelle is absolutely adorable; a very serious and inquisitive child who is clearly doted upon by her entire family.

  2. I am sorry tio say but there is a serious mistake in your article. The Scholarship this year was not given to brothers Daniel and Henrik Sedin. The brothers received the Scholarship last year 2011. This year the Scholarship was given to Anette Norberg of the very successful Swedish Curling Team (Olympic champions 2006 and 2010 and Word champions 2005, 2006 and 2011).

    I can’t understand how you can do this very serious mistake. Please check your sources better next time.

  3. JessRulz says:

    Thanks for the correction; I had read an article which said the brothers were the recipients, but it was clearly mistaken. I have now amended the entry.

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