French City Demands British Crown Jewels

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A French city of Angers, once the capital of the House of Plantagenet which produced fourteen English Monarchs, is demanding a compensation for the murder of its last pretender to the Throne. Edward Plantagenet, 17th Earl of Warwick, was murdered in the Tower of London on orders of Henry VII Tudor; upon his death in 1499, the House of Plantagenet became extinct in the legitimate male line.

A petition posted on the city’s official website calls the death of the young Prince “unfair” and “horrible”, and maintains the city is owned an apology and 513 years’ worth of compensation. If monetary compensation is not an option, Angers gracefully agrees to accept Crown Jewels: “As redress for the execution of Edward, Angers today demands that the Crown Jewels of England be transferred to Angers”.

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The petition, which has already been signed by hundreds of supporters of the cause, is addressed directly to Queen Elizabeth who is expected to be sent the official petition at the beginning of autumn. Of course, they might have chosen the wrong recipient as the Queen does not, in fact, own the Crown Jewels; unlike her personal jewellery collection, the Crown Jewels belong to the state and people – not the Monarch personally. Moreover, the current crown jewels have little to do with the original ones that had belonged to Plantagenet and Tudor Monarchs; after the English Revolution, the original coronation jewels were melted down on Oliver Cromwell’s orders.

Even the Angers Council realises the petition has “little chance of success”. Nevertheless, it is likely to have achieved its main aim – attract attention to the city. Indeed, the spokesmen for the Council encouraged the British to visit Angers, which still has some impressive medieval structures dating back to the Plantagenet era.

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5 Responses to French City Demands British Crown Jewels

  1. Brad King says:

    There is no such thing as the British crown jewels. The ones in the Tower of London are the English crown jewels, while Edinburgh Castle is home to the Scottish crown jewels, the Honours of Scotland, which are the oldest in Europe.

  2. Artemisia says:

    The term British Crown Jewels (or rather, the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom) denotes the regalia worn by the British Sovereign during the Coronation, as well as other State ceremonies. They do consist of English Crown Regalia (such as St Edward’s Crown), Scottish Crown Regalia (such as The Sceptre of Scotland), and Welsh Crown Regalia (such as the Coronet of the Prince of Wales).

    However, together they compromise BRITISH Crown Jewels and Regalia for the simple reason that the sovereign Kingdoms of England and Scotland, or the Principality of Wales no longer exist; the current Kingdom is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and consequently, the Crown Jewels and Regalia are that of the United Kingdom.

    In addition, all jewels and regalia belonging to State that were created or became Crown Jewels after Act of Union 1707 (and that makes most of the current ones, since most of the English Crown jewels were melted down on Oliver Cromwell’s orders) are automatically British Crown Jewels, having never been part of the state jewellery or regalia of sovereign Kingdoms of England or Scotland (both stopped existing in 1707, when the Act of Union created their successor state – Great Britain).

  3. Cute. As Dr. Giles, my first college art teacher, used to say of something he despised: “Well, it’s cute.” If the story gets tourists to come spend money (it is all about the money, isn’t it?), the silliness may be worth it.

  4. SalannB says:

    Dear Angers, France:

    Good luck with that.

  5. Lady Daphne says:

    Silly, Silly,

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