Closing Ceremony of the ‘Escuela Superior de Musica Reina Sofia’

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Madrid – June 12th, 2012

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Her Majesty The Queen presided over the closing ceremony of the 2011/2012 School of Music Reina Sofia at the El Pardo Palace in Madrid on Tuesday June 12th.

Queen Sofia was accompanied by Infanta Margarita, Duchess of Soria and Hernani and her husband Don Carlos Zurita, Duke of Soria and Hernani. The Queen arrived tenderly linking her blind sister-in-law by the arm and both royal ladies were followed by Margarita’s husband.

Also present was the Spanish-Irish pianist, Ms Paloma O’Shea, who is also the current principal of the Queen Sofía College of Music.

During the ceremony at the El Pardo Palace, Her Majesty presented diplomas to the most outstanding students and delivered the IX Yehudi Menuhin Prize for Integration of Education and the Arts to legendary pianist, Menahem Pressler.

Queen Sofia is the Honorary President of the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía, which was founded in 1991 by Paloma O’Shea. The ceremony concluded with a concert performed by the Orquesta de Cámara Sony de la Escuela.

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