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The Prince of Wales Makes a Private Visit to Romania

  June 12, 2012 at 10:55 pm by

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The Prince of Wales made a five-day private visit to one of his favourite places, Transylvania. Prince Charles owns a property there and supports traditional farming method in Transylvania, which he calls “the jewel in Romania’s crown”. His fondness for the country appears to have been transferred to his sons, since Prince Harry chose to spend Easter holidays there.

Although the visit was a private one, it nevertheless received a lot of attention from the Romanian media. Prince Charles met a lot of dignitaries and officials, including Crown Princess Margarita and Prince Radu of Romania (the former is a friend of the Prince), Prime Minster Victor Ponta, and President Traian Basescu. The President received the Prince at the Cotroceni Palace; he asked Prince Charles to convey congratulations to his mother on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee, and also thanked the Prince of Wales for his long-standing ties and friendship with the country.

Prince Charles’ interest in Romania is also partially because he shares ancestry with one of the most famous Romanians – Vlad III the Impaler; the Prince is a direct descendant of Vlad III’s father, Vlad II through Mary of Teck. For those who are interested in geneaology, here is a line of descent from Vlad II to the Prince of Wales: Vlad II > Vlad Clugarul > Radu IV > Mircea III > Stanca Basarab > Zamphira Logo > Adam Racz de Galgo > Peter Racz de Galgo > Christina Racz de Galgo > Catherine Kuun > Baroness Agnes Kendeffy > Baron Gregor Inczedy > Baroness Agnes von Nagy-Varad > Countess Claudine Rhedey > Frances, Duke of Teck > Mary of Teck > George VI > Elizabeth II > Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales

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