Prince Charles: Men’s Fashion Icon

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Prince Charles was named one of the world’s most stylish men by GQ magazine. For those who had followed the Prince’s style, it is no surprise; he has long been an epitome of gentlemen’s style. Whether for a private or an official occasion, Prince Charles has always been immaculately dressed. Bearing in mind the award, he was also a fitting choice to launch London’s first Men’s Fashion Week with a party hosted in the State Apartments of St James’s Palace.

The Prince himself, however, downplayed his sense of style. He told the audience: “I’m finding it very hard to live with myself, ladies and gentlemen. Because someone suggested that I might be an icon of fashion. After 64 bleeding years. I don’t know why. I have lurched from being the best-dressed man to being the worst dressed man… Meanwhile I have gone on, like a stopped clock – and my time comes around every 25 years.”

The guests had words of praise for Prince Charles as well. In particular, Dame Vivienne Westwood said that a great part of her respect for the Royal Family was due to the Prince: “I am a very big fan of the Queen, I think she is marvellous and everybody else is coming round to that opinion… But I think a great part of my respect for the royals is based on Prince Charles – he has done much better things for the country than any English politician.”

The Prince Charles’ style is based on traditional and classic gentlemanly lines, but it is also highly individual. His suits and jackets, from the trusted Anderson & Sheppard or Turnbull & Asser, are usually double-breasted and always flawless. His ties, from Turnbull & Asser or Benson & Clegg, are perfectly matched with his suits. The Princes shoes are made by John Lobb, London’s finest bootmaker. Most of his clothes and shoes are so well-made they are worn for literally many decades. For instance, she shoes Prince Charles wore for the part at St James Palace were no less than 40 years old.

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  1. carmen says:

    Elegantissimo, impeccabile, perfetto in ogni circostanza, con uno stile naturale e regale.una disinvoltura e una classe inarrivabile.

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