Queen Elizabeth Joined by William, Catherine For a Jubilee Visit

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The Queen was joined by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for a trip to Nottingham – part of the Diamond Jubilee tours across Britain. Over 35,000 people lined the streets of Nottingham to greet the royals; some had arrived as early as 5am for better view.

When the royal party finally arrived, a huge cheer erupted from the crowd, and when the Queen, Prince William and Catherine made a balcony appearance, thousands sang a spontaneous rendition of “God Save The Queen”.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived by car; they then greeted the Queen to arrive on the royal train. Prince William joked to the passengers and well-wishers who had gathered at the station: “Are you waiting for the same train we are?” The royal party made their way to the city centre, before heading to the Council House.

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Queen Elizabeth, William and Catherine then travelled to Vernon Park, where the Prince made a touching tribute to his grandmother, thanking her for the love and devotion she has shown throughout her reign:  “The occasion presents the perfect opportunity for me, through my patronage of the Queen. How grateful we all are to you for the extraordinary devotion and love you have shown to the people of this country and the Commonwealth.”

The royals spent a lot of time talking to people. Aimee Burlington was among three youngsters who presented the Queen with a posy; she said the Queen was “lovely”. Prince William, meanwhile, appeared to be in particularly good mood and joked around a lot. When someone said to him “You look taller in person”, he responded “I’m not wearing my high heels today.” The Duchess of Cambridge talked to several children. One of them was eight-year-old Isabelle Weall who had lost parts of her arms and legs after contracting meningitis several years ago. She said of Catherine: “We had to stand in a line and then she came over. She was really chatty. We were not expecting her to be so chatty.”

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Her Majesty looked lovely in a turquoise silk tweed double-breasted coat by Stuart Parvin. Her matching hat was by Rachel Trevor-Morgan. The brooch of choice was this time one Queen Victoria’s magnificent Bow Brooches. The Duchess of Cambridge opted for a blue Missoni, combining it with navy blue heels and hat. She had last worn the coat for a visit to Fortnum & Mason department store in London with the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Duke of Edinburgh was initially scheduled to join the Queen, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but had to cancel the engagements after being hospitalised with a bladder infection. He is currently resting after leaving hospital on Saturday.

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