Jewel of the Day: The Jardine Star Brooch

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The Diamond Jubilee Thames River Pageant was without a doubt the single most exciting and eagerly awaited event during the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. In the best traditions of pomp and pageantry, the British put on a magnificent display that is certain to be remembered for decades to come.

For such an important event, Her Majesty had to wear a piece of jewellery that didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, tiaras and statement necklaces were out of question; however, the brooch she chose certainly deserves a separate mention. The Queen wore the magnificent Jardine Star brooch, which sparkled and stood out even against the Queen’s crystal-encrusted outfit.

The brooch is in the shape of an eight-point star with a large central diamond from the Victorian era in a collet setting. There are 41 large and further 24 smaller diamonds, weighting a total of approximately 40 carats. The brooch was gifted to Queen Elizabeth by Lady Jardine in 1981 and has since become one of Her Majesty’s firm favourites. Lady Jardine was a Scottish aristocrat, a member of the old Clan Jardine of Scotland; most probably, she was the wife of the Chief of the Clan. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be more information about the lady, or reasons why she chose to leave the magnificent piece of jewellery to the Monarch.

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The three-strand pearl necklace gave the look a polished finished, as did Queen Mary Pearl Button earrings. The earrings were presented to Queen Mary by the Ladies of Devonshire in 1893 and are also among the most favourite pieces of the current Queen.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cornwall wore an impressive piece herself; Camilla chose a beautiful diamond choker on four strands of pearls. The choker, which boasts some impressive diamonds, is a rarely seen piece; it made an appearance during the recent Diamond Jubilee Tour of Scandinavia, which the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall undertook back in March. The Duchess wore the choker (possibly, for the very first time) on March 26, on day 3 of visit to Denmark.

Even the Duchess of Cambridge,who doesn’t usually wear any jewellery at all, put on a beautiful, delicate brooch made of two silver dolphins – a gift from the Royal Navy submarines.

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3 Responses to Jewel of the Day: The Jardine Star Brooch

  1. SalannB says:

    I just LOVE this brooch and always wondered what its name was…and its provenance!


  2. Linda Thomas says:

    I have been overjoyed at the whole diamond jubilee. The queen wore a brooch the last day. It looked like diamonds, big and beautiful. Plain rounded top and squared bottom. Am I wrong? I thought these diamonds were phenomenal and just for Queen Elizabeth. I must say, I love her too.

  3. JessRulz says:

    The brooch HM wore to the Thanksgiving Service was “Granny’s Chips”, the whopping 158-carat Cullinan III and IV Brooch. You can read more about the brooch here:

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