Crown Princess Mary’s Interview with HJV Magazine

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Crown Princess Mary has given an interview to Danish magazine HJV. In the interview, Mary was asked about why she decided to train with the Home Guard, her experience with the training and what she sees the Home Guard’s role in society as. An excerpt of some of the interview is below.

Click the image to see the cover at HJV magasinet

Click the image to see the cover at HJV magasinet

On why she chose to join the Home Guard: “There have always been close ties between the Danish Royal Family and the defence. It has been my wish to continue the good tradition…training within the defence. At the same time it was my wish to get a look into the role the total defence have in and outside Denmark.”

On the areas of Home Guard training she found most exciting/interesting: “If I am to point out three areas, which in particular have caught my interest, I think that leadership and how to instruct, first aid and knowledge about the general role of the Home Guard within the national defence, have been exciting. The first night in full field kit in a bivouac was also an experience I will not forget soon.”

On what she believes is the Home Guard’s role in society: “The Home Guard is of decisive importance in the national total defence, and it plays an important role in the society. Among other things in the close co-operation with the police and the readiness services. The co-operation is very wide, from searching for missing persons.”

Mary also told that magazine that with the recent deployment of Home Guard units and Danish soldiers to Afghanistan, amongst other places, “a new era with an increased demands for professional skills and education” has begun.

And with the Danish Royal Family attending the Home Guard’s 60th anniversary celebrations on April 1st, there is a possibility to see Lieutenant Kronprinsesse Mary in uniform for the first time.

More information on the interview, and all of Mary’s training with the Home Guard, can be found here.

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