No Official Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

  May 10, 2012 at 9:10 am by

Zarzuela, Madrid

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The Spanish Royal Court has announced that there will be no official celebration to mark the 50th golden wedding anniversary of Their Majesties on May 14th.

The announcement has left many Spanish royal watchers surprised, but given the recent controversy surrounding the King and his ill-advised hunting trip and accident in Botswana, perhaps the King is looking to maintain a low profile. In stark contrast when Their Majesties celebrated their 25th wedding Anniversary in 1987, when they did so with members of the Royal Family and also 17 couples who were married on the same day as the King and Queen with a reception at the Palacio Real in Madrid.

Twenty five years on and Spain’s Royal Family are going through a very bad year, the King and Queen’s golden wedding anniversary could have been the focus of a much needed Spanish Royal Family celebration.

The Palace was also unable to say whether the King and Queen would be holding a private family celebration to mark the golden wedding anniversary.

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2 Responses to No Official Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

  1. Natalie says:

    oh, such a shock i was looking forward to an event. they really could use public attention

  2. violette kogut says:

    thank you, do not post my e-mail to the public.
    One comment, I deplore the behavior of the king of Spain, but from what I understand he is not the only one who has done such mistakes.On the map very few have been respectful of their wedding vows.

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