State Visit from Turkey to the Netherlands – Day Two

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On April 18, the second day of the State Visit, the Turkish President, Abdullah Gül, and his
wife Hayrunissa, along with Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Máxima, visited the Weekend Academy, a project of the Orange Foundation, in Amsterdam. The project offers young people help with homework, social skills and sports participation to increase their motivation for learning. The Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima are patrons of the organisation.

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President Gül also had a meeting with students from various universities in the Netherlands and The Great Industrial Club in Amsterdam. Then the President met with Prime Minister Mark Rutte at the Parliament building in The Hague, and various other politicians.

After these meetings, there was a government lunch in the Hall of Knights. Queen Beatrix, Princess Margriet and Professor Pieter van Vollenhoven were present.

In the afternoon, the Turkish President visited the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). President Gül was accompanied by the Turkish Minister of European Union Affairs, Mr. Egemen Bağış, and a group of Turkish parliamentarians. OPCW is an autonomous organization established to monitor compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention.

The second day ended with a concert of the Turkish Youth Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. The Queen, the Prince of Orange, Princess Máxima, Princess Margriet and Professor Pieter van Vollenhoven were present alongside the Turkish Presidential Couple.

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