Queen Elizabeth Joined by Granddaughter Beatrice for Maundy Service

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Queen Elizabeth II was joined by The Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Beatrice of York yesterday for the annual Royal Maundy Service.

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This year’s service took place at the York Minster, where the Queen was welcomed by the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, and other members of the clergy, while a 2,000 people strong crowd lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the monarch. Prior to the welcome at York Minster, Queen Elizabeth was required to place her hands on a ceremonial sword and mace at Micklegate Bar, the city’s gateway, in a tradition dating back centuries.

Dressed in a grey and aqua outfit, the Queen presented 86 men and 86 women – one for each year of her life – with red and white pouches of the ‘Maundy Money’. The pouches contain a series of coins, including a commemorative £5 coin to mark the Diamond Jubilee and penny pieces equalling the Queen’s age. The recipients, this year all about the age of 70, are individuals who have contributed to the community and church.

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Princess Beatrice meanwhile looked lovely in a navy coat, paired with a cream and navy hat from Gina Foster and black accessories. She, the Queen and Prince Philip were each presented with nosegays of flowers.

The Maundy Service takes place on the Thursday before Easter each year, to commemorate the Last Supper. Monarchs prior to James II washed the poor’s feet at the service, however since then, they hand out silver coins instead. The service takes place at a different location each year. York Minster held the service back in 1972.

Following the service, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and Princess Beatrice made their way to Mansion House for a luncheon, before visiting the Yorkshire Museum.

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4 Responses to Queen Elizabeth Joined by Granddaughter Beatrice for Maundy Service


  2. natalya says:

    Wonderful glimpse of grandparents and their granddaughter!
    What an encouraging tradition to keep through the centuries!

  3. Emmanuel Sant says:

    God bless the Queen for herbeautiful qualities and all her family

  4. God bless her Majesty Qween Elizabeth the great
    such a wonderfull example for the woman
    who decorated the woman with wonderfull meanings
    of being The amaaazing Qween all along the years through
    Royal traditionals & her wonderfull history leading
    the kingdom with her pride greatfully keeping her majesty
    an interested title for all women as my mother allways
    talking to me about her majesty the great such amazing
    rare symbol & wa admiring her priding & her fix adherences
    she is honestly amazing Qween .

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