Prince Friso Transferred to Wellington Clinic in London

  March 1, 2012 at 3:24 pm by

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Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau has been transferred to the Wellington Clinic in London, England. The RVD announced this today at 18.18 o’clock Duch time.

The Wellington Clinic has been chosen based on advice from experts. Their advice was based on the condition of the Prince. London will also provide Countess Luana and Countess Zaria with the most prospects for continuity and stability.

In the same announcement, the RVD repeated the request for space for the family of the Prince. They need that space to cope with the health situation of the Prince. Princess Mabel would like to repeat the gratitude for all the sympathy she has received and let the people know that it gave her support and strength.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Princess Mabel, Countess Luana and Countess Zaria have also arrived in London.

More information about the skiing accident of the Prince can be found in the topic:

Prince Friso in Critical Condition Following Skiing Accident; February 17th, 2012

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3 Responses to Prince Friso Transferred to Wellington Clinic in London

  1. Elena Fedotova says:

    From all my heart I wish the Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau get well soon. As well I would wish strong health to the Royal family of Netherlands especially to the Queen Beatrix. Just by seeing this beautiful family the heart will get worm feeling and give an air of feeling like wishing all the best to them)

  2. candy Filippini says:

    Here in California we are in prayer for Prince Friso and his family.

  3. downunder says:

    I wish the Prince a speedy recovery and his family and Mother peace. I do hope that even though it would be a hard decision they do not let the Prince suffer if he cannot recover with a quality of life. I do not know if I could make such a decision but I definitely would not want anyone to suffer unnecessarily. God Bless the all, my heart goes out to them.

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