Prince Frederik Congratulates Danish Handball Team

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Crown Prince Frederik was on hand yesterday, January 30th, to celebrate the Danish men’s national handball team at the Copenhagen Town Hall.

The team is the current European Handball Champions, following their January 29th finals win against host nation Serbia at the Belgrade Arena in Belgrade. The final score was 21-19, and the Danish team won their second European championship (the first was in 2008).

The Crown Prince gave a brief speech at the reception, in which he congratulated the Danish team and praised their determination, strength and ability to pull together as a team. Prince Frederik likened the team’s championship run to a well-written movie script – the beginning went horribly wrong, but the ending was a great outcome (Denmark won only one of their first-round group matches, and then had to win all their second-round group matches while relying on various results from other matches to advance).

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He also encouraged the team to prove themselves as one of the best in the world at the upcoming Olympic Games in London later this year.

The championship team and Prince Frederik greeted the Danish public on the Town Hall’s balcony during the reception.

Speaking with DR, Prince Frederik said he was impressed with the team’s performance as a whole, and that the “quality team” was able to gather itself up and work together.

The next European Handball Championships will be hosted by Denmark in January 2014.

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