Prussians Mark 300th Anniversary of Friedrich the Great’s Birth

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These past two weeks, the Prince and Princess of Prussia have attended events to mark the 300th anniversary of the birth of King Friedrich II, on January 24th, 1712.

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The first of these events was an official dinner on Monday January 16th, hosted by the President of Germany, Christian Wulff, at Bellevue Palace in Berlin. Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie posed for photos with the President and his wife, First Lady Bettina Wulff, in the main hall prior to the reception. Princess Sophie wore a blush pink cap-sleeved cocktail dress with ruched and pleated detailing around the neckline and bodice, paired with grey court shoes.

On January 24th, Prince Georg Friedrich attended several events held to mark the anniversary. First, a wreath-laying ceremony took place at the tomb of King Friedrich at Sanssouci Palace, where he was laid to rest in August 1991 on the 205th anniversary of his death following the German Reunification. The Prince was joined by the Premier of the state of Brandenburg, Matthias Platzeck, and the Mayor of Potsdam, the Hon. Jann Jakobs, for the ceremony, in which he placed a cross of white carnations bearing a black and white ribbon emblazoned with the Prussian crown and ‘GF’ on the grave of his ancestor. Premier Platzeck laid a wreath emblazoned with the red Brandenburg eagle.

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The ceremony was followed by reception and then a concert held at the Concert House on Gendarmenmarkt  in Berlin, attended by Prince Georg Friedrich, President Wulff and the Mayor of Berlin, the Hon. Klaus Wowereit. The three men each gave speeches discussing the significance of the impact of King Friedrich II (also known as ‘Friedrich the Great’ and ‘Old Fritz’) in German history.

Friedrich the Great was born on January 24th, 1712 as the eldest son of King Friedrich Wilhelm I in Prussia and Sophia Dorothea of Hanover. He succeeded to the Prussian throne in 1740, and became ‘King of Prussia’ in February 1772 after taking control of the entire historical Prussian state. He died on August 17th, 1786.

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2 Responses to Prussians Mark 300th Anniversary of Friedrich the Great’s Birth

  1. Some years ago, I think in Vanity Fair, there was a collection of photographs of royal persons able to take a position as “Head of State,” as over against the government itself. Among those was the head of the house of Hohenzollern, standing in front of a bust of “Alte Fritz,” as Friedrich der Grosse is sometimes popularly called. And, what do you know? He bore a striking resemblance. Maybe you could locate the photo and publsh that?

  2. Anthony Craig (James) Sedlmeyer says:

    I have a picture I found on the web and it seems sort of familiar, sort of a past life experience.
    I’ll put it on my Facebook as my profile picture.
    This picture is taken along the block wall or driveway at the Berghof. In it are: His Majesty, the present King of Romania, the then head of House Hohenzollern and my past life experience. Notice the left hand of the soldier holding the cigarette; the King of Romania’s face, and Hohenzollern’s throat. There was some disagreement about who was in charge and LOYALTY for House HOHENZOLLERN. House Hohenzollern won, and I got a fat lip for displaying affection in front of the Americans. I’m still sorry, but LOYAL UNTO DEATH. Thank You for rolling me a cigarette Your Majesty.

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