Controversial Villa Sold by Princes of Orange

  January 17, 2012 at 6:42 am by

The controversial holiday villa built by the Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima in Mozambique has been sold, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced last night during a meeting of the Dutch parliament.

Prime Minister Rutte said that the villa, worth approximately €2,000,000, was sold back to the property developer who orchestrated the entire development.

The villa, located in the Machangulo Peninsula, brought criticism from Dutch ministers and the public in late 2009 (see previous blog entries on the villa here and here), after issues surrounding the developers and development of the project were brought to light by the Dutch media. Issues related to the embezzlement of funds by the initial project developer, the lack of benefits provided to the local population, and the costs that such a venture would have on the future (extra security for the royal family while on vacation in a remote location, medical services, accessibility).

The Prince of Orange had revealed his 2007 investment in the development in July 2008.

Read more about the villa and its controversy here at TRF.

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  1. …2.000.000…….? a lot more.

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