New Interview with Princess Marie

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HRH Princess Marie of Denmark has given an interview to Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten recently. The interview also featured a new series of photographs of the Princess.

In the interview, which took place at Schackenborg Palace on December 6th, Princess Marie discusses her selection of patronages, life between Schackenborg and Copenhagen, and being a royal mother. Some excerpts of the interview are below:

On her patronages: “The biggest priviledge is that you, as a princess, can create attention about important issues. That I have the opportunity to make a difference,” Princess Marie told JP, “Today, a princess works. We want to help and work for the country. I do it with pleasure.” She is the patron of ten organisations, including  the Copenhagen Jewellery Fair, the Danish UNESCO Commission and the Southern Danish University. Her most recent patronage is the AIDS Fondet.

View the full gallery at Lehtikuva

On life at Schackenborg: Marie and her family – husband Prince Joachim and son Prince Henrik – split their time between their residence in South Jutland, Schackenborg Palace, and their official apartments at Amalienborg in Copenhagen. “I feel I get the best from two worlds,” says Princess Marie, “I love the city and to be in contact with many people, but I really need to be out in nature as well.” When having spare time at Schackenborg, the Princess spends the time with her son – cooking, reading, walking outside.

On being a royal mother: “I feel guilty and I miss him,” Princess Marie says of her young son, when she and Prince Joachim have to go about their official business (which this year included an official visit to Japan), “It is hard not to be frustrated.” She went on to say that it is however important for mothers to find a balance between family, work and time for themselves.

Read more about Princess Marie here.

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2 Responses to New Interview with Princess Marie

  1. mussarat hussain qureshi says:

    God bless princesss, she is looking very cute and pretty

  2. Mavis Fraser says:

    Like Princess Mary Princess Marie has arisen to the tasks, keep it up Marie.

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