Danish Royal Court Renews Official Website

  December 21, 2011 at 8:33 am by

View the new website at kongehuset.dk

The Danish Royal Court has renewed and improved the official website of the Danish Royal family. In addition, they removed the website of the Danish Crown Prince Couple and instead added a link to the new official website.

The new website might take a little getting used to with the new design, but once your adjusted, you will be pleased. The main page (in Danish) is devided in “News”, “Calendar” and “Photo & video”. In addition, there are 5 options at the top of the page, “The monarchy in Denmark”, “The Royal family”, “Castles and the Royal Yacht”, Historical collections” and “Organization and contact”.

The pictures at the website are now larger, of better quality and easi”er to find. For those interested in behind the scenes work, the part about the organisation of the Royal House has improved significantly. And there are many more new items to explore.


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2 Responses to Danish Royal Court Renews Official Website

  1. Pieter A.Klaassen-Reid says:

    Greetings! I am a very devout admirer of the entire Danish Royal family,but especially of Prince Frederik and princess Mary. Their love
    story, marriage and public appearances are viewed with breathless wonder and amazement. They are the most adorable couple, and Prince frederik’s open show of affection for Princess Mary, as he kisses her hand in public,is just so ethereal and precious. They are truly such a blessing to the eyes and revelation to the heart.

  2. Cindy Widya Japardi says:

    Hajimemashite! There have an official website. It can search Nikolai, Felix, Isabella, etc. Oh and it’s magical! Nikolai!

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