Princess Mary at Christmas Seal 2011 Launch

  October 31, 2011 at 11:58 pm by

As she does each year, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark today launched the 2011 Christmas Seal (Julemærke) at the Copenhagen City Hall.

The logo of the Julemærkefonden

Crown Princess Mary, wearing a white blouse, grey cardigan and grey and red patterned skirt, was joined by Danish skincare ‘guru’ Ole Henriksen, who recently became an ambassador of the Julemærke. The duo revealed this year’s seal, alongside Signe Bramming, the granddaughter of the man who inspired the 2011 design.

Frederik Bramming’s “kravlenisser”, which are described as gremlin/pixie/elf-type little creatures which appear around Christmas time, feature on the stamps. There are twenty-five different “kravlenisser” characters – first published in 1947 – which appear on their own stamp. Bramming’s designs were chosen for this year as 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of his birth, and also the twentieth anniversary of his death. Ms Bramming said that her grandfather would have been “enthusiastic” about the use of his characters for the seal, “Christmas was an important holiday for him.”

View the full image, and read more, at the Christmas Seal Foundation website

The money raised by the stamps will go towards the Christmas Seal Foundation’s homes for sick children, as per a tradition started in 1910 (the first Julemærke was issued in 1904 and featured a likeness of the late Queen Louise).

The Crown Princess has been the patron of the Julemærkefonden since December 2004.

In other Danish Royal Family news, the Prince Consort took part in a royal hunt in Struer, on the Klosterheden Plantation today. Among the participants were Peter Zobel, a Danish businessman, and Bendt Bendtsen, a Danish Member of the European Parliament.

Prince Henrik is an avid fan of deer hunting, hosting several hunts each year in the autumn-winter months. He is also known for his love of interesting hunting outfits – previous hunts have produced gems such as this – but for the Klosterheden hunt, the Prince Consort stuck to neutral beige, brown and olive green. Read more here.

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