Official Visit to the Dutch Caribbean – Aruba, Day 1+2

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On October 28th, Queen Beatrix accompanied by Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima, started a visit to the six Caribbean Islands of the Kingdom that will end on November 06th.

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The Dutch Royals spent the first two days of their visit in Aruba.

On Friday the 28th, the Queen and the Crown Prince Couple attended the official welcome ceremony, where the national anthems were played. After that, there was a meeting with the Aruban Prime Minister, Mike Eman, and his ministers.

Later in the day, the Dutch Royals visited the Fiesta Popular Mulitcultural Music Festival at Linear Park and then they went to a reception at the residence of the Aruban Governor.

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On Saturday the 29, the Queen with the Prince and the Princess visited the district of Juwano Morto, “Dead Iguana”, at San Nicolas. Then the Royals went to the Arikok National Park, to admire the natural beauty of the place. In the afternoon the Queen, with the Princess, made a visit to the women’s shelter Fundacion Hende Muher den Dificultad, while the Crown Prince was present at the second “Green Conference”, where he gave a speech in which he congratulated Aruba for the way they are using alternative energy sources.

Saturday evening came, and the Dutch Royals left Aruba and went to Bonaire, where they have had a day off on Sunday the 30th and from where, on Monday, they will continue their official visit.

More about the visit can be found here.

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