Prince Albert II of Monaco is 51

  March 14, 2009 at 2:54 am by

No official celebrations for his birth are expected in Monaco until National Day, but the small country’s Sovereign is celebrating his 51st birthday today. Since he was photographed leaving Nice via private jet and his schedule notes no engagements until he is expected in Istanbul March 16, he is believed to be celebrating in private outside of Monaco.

Official celebrations will take place in November. Much like the British Sovereign, Monaco has never used the Sovereign’s real birth date for celebrations. In previous reigns, Monaco celebrated yearly on the feast day of the Sovereign’s Catholic Saint. That day, which historically changed with each ruler is now known as Monaco’s National Day. The practice of changing the day ended upon Prince Albert’s accession to the throne and continues to be celebrated on Saint Rainier’s day, November 19.

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7 Responses to Prince Albert II of Monaco is 51

  1. Bridget Holder says:

    I wish His Serene Highness the happiest of birthdays!

  2. Diane says:

    Is Miss Wittstock still in the picture? I hope HSH doesn’t marry his long-time mistress!

  3. Bella says:

    Happy birthday to him and wish that he can dare to show his human side and be discovered by a decent and educated woman. I met him couple of times in Monaco,
    his eyes don’t really smile. He comes cross as a very sincere and nice person,
    but underneath he seems overwhelmed. He has a job which is forever no matter what and how much he has. Come to think of it, what would it do to any of us?
    The dogma of “image” is still profound in Europe: looks, money and impression as oppose character, conviction and good nature. On top of it he has to deal with French. God bless his heart and keep it away from heart attack.
    I sent him 3 oil paintings by professional artist for his 50th birthday and didn’t get a note that he received them. I didn’t need a “thank you” just wanted to be sure that he got them. French post office is so arrogant, they don’t speak English and didn’t give me receipt. And, it was right in Monaco, called Monaco-Ville post office, 2min. walk to Palace. I wish him wisdom to find a way to put French out of his business completely. May God send him a princess to help him to achieve that and provide him with a happy and strong family life full of laughter and joy. He really, really deserves it. Happy Birthday Prince Albert!

  4. williamdfr says:

    Monaco Ville Post office is run by the Moneqasque government and has no connection to the French company La Poste.
    Also, the official language in Monace is French so it is hardly surprising that in the national post office the language should be French.

  5. Sg1Fan says:

    Bella, we are not affiliated with HSH and have no way to communicate with him.

    I try to stay out of the rumor mill. Therefore I did not note that the photos I mentioned of him leaving on the plane also showed her boarding to attend with him. The photos are in the current events thread.

  6. D.Papon says:

    I do hope that good news about Miss Charlene Wittstock will be given soon. Many people love her and it is obvious that the Prince loves her very much. She is a lovely person.

  7. Andrew Grijns says:

    Time passes quickly, he was quite young when I first met him in the late 90’s. In discussions with him, I got the feeling that whilst he is very pro business, I don’t think he defends Monaco’s position as an international financial services centre strongly enough. The last time I chatted with him was at one of my favourite restaurants, Les Deux Freres in Roquebrune – it is also one of his favourites.

    Andrew Grijns

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