Back to School for the Belgian Youngsters

  September 2, 2011 at 8:25 am by

September 1st is traditionally the first day of school in Belgium. The children of Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde, and also the youngest daughter of Princess Astrid, go to school at the ‘Sint Jan Berghmans College’ in Brussels. This is a Flemish Jesuit school, where all classes are given in Dutch (except the language courses).

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The Brabant’s oldest childern, Princess Elisabeth (5th grade of elementary school), Prince Gabriel (3rd grade) and Prince Emmanuel (1st grade) are already familiar with the school. But for little Princess Eleonore, who turned three in June, it was the first time, as she will attend her first year of kindergarten. The four childern were brought to school by their parents and the little princess was visibly nervous, holding tight to the hand of her mother.

Princess Laetitia Maria, who will attend the 3rd grade of elementary school, was brought by her oldest sister, Princess Maria Laura.

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