Prince Christian’s First Day of School

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Denmark’s Prince Christian has today started his first day of primary school. He will be attended the Tranegårdsskolen, in the municipality of Gentofte and the district of Hellerup.

Before heading to his new school, the five-year-old Prince participated in a photo session in the main courtyard of Amalienborg with his parents, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. This was made as part of a ‘deal’ between the court and the press, so that the press would not turn up outside the actual school and disrupt the school’s other students (Danish newspaper BT decided against this, having a photographer situated outside the school to get photos of the royals arriving).

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The press took this opportunity to ask Christian some questions about his new school. One reporter asked if he knew the names of the other children that will be in his class, to which Christian replied, “You don’t need to know that,” and another asked what was in the youngster’s lunchbox – “It’s a secret” was the response the reporter got.

From there, it was into the car for the drive to school and Christian’s first official day (he had attended an open day earlier this week, where students got to know their class members before the begining of the year).

To mark the Prince’s first day of school, two representatives of the Kujallegs municipality of Greenland travelled to Copenhagen to present Prince Christian with a traditional Greenlandic national costume during an audience at Frederik VIII’s Palace on Monday, August 8th. The audience was again attended by Christian’s parents, and also his younger sister, Princess Isabella.

The Danish Crown Prince Couple have broken with a ‘tradition’ of sorts, by sending their eldest child to a Danish public school. Both Crown Prince Frederik and his brother, Prince Joachim, attended the private Copenhagen school Krebs, which is also currently attended by Prince Joachim’s eldest sons, Princes Nikolai and Felix. It had been pressumed that Prince Christian would have also attended Krebs, but the announcement came in April this year revealed otherwise.

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