Prince of Asturias at Presidential Inauguration in Peru

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HRH the Prince of Asturias is currently in Peru for the inauguration of the nation’s newest President, Ollanta Humala. The official ceremony took place yesterday, July 28th, at the Congress of the Republic in Lima.

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Prince Felipe arrived in Peru on July 27th, and quickly headed over to Government Palace for a meeting with the outgoing President, Alan Garcia. The duo discussed the relationship between Spain and Peru, and the Prince presented President Garcia with a letter from HM King Juan Carlos I. From there, it was on to lunch at the Spanish Embassy with the Prince’s accompanying delegation, which included the Spanish Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Latin America, Juan Antonio Yanez-Barnuevo.

In the afternoon, Prince Felipe met with the President-Elect. The Prince was the first of the visitors to meet with Mr Humala, and presented him with a letter from King Juan Carlos. The day concluded with a dinner hosted by President Garcia at Government Palace, held to mark the passing of the presidency.

Yesterday, Prince Felipe was in an audience of delegations from over 100 nations to witness President-Elect Humala take the oath of Peruvian office. The ceremony was not attended by the outgoing President, however, in a surprising break with tradition. The inauguration was not without its controversies – the opposition broke out into jeering as President Humala swore in to uphold the 1979 Constitution, instead of the more current, 1993 Constitution. Humala’s term is set to end in 2016.

The Prince of Asturias has been King Juan Carlos’ representative at Presidential inaugurations in Latin America since 1996, and according to Casa Real, has attended fifty-eight since then.

Information and pictures can be found in this thread.

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