Princess Mary Takes Children to Annual Circus

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Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary took her two eldest children, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella, to the annual Circus Summarum last Wednesday, before the entire Crown Princely Family made a trip to the south of France for a summer vacation.

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The trio watched the first half of the circus, which is held as a charity fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association each year – Mary and the children also attended last year, before heading outside to spend some time on the activities during the intermission. Prince Christian, who will turn six in October, went ahead alone, while four-year-old Princess Isabella stayed with arm-reach of mum – which meant she could pull her on to the jumping castle when she wanted to.

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At the end of intermission, Prince Christian ran ahead of his mother and sister as he didn’t want to miss any of the show – which features popular Danish children’s television characters – leaving the two Princesses to run across the grass to catch up to him.

Circus Summarum can turn out to be a summer who’s-who of Danish celebrity and society – this year, Mary and co were joined by Chris and Tanja Doky (Mary’s friend and lady-in-waiting) and their children.

The Crown Princely Family will embark on their bi-annual summer cruise with the royal yacht Dannebrog at the end of August, which is believed to be the next time twins Vincent and Josephine will be seen out and about.

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One Response to Princess Mary Takes Children to Annual Circus

  1. KURDE AHMED says:

    Absolutely disgusting the Princess should be leading the way to show that the use of Animals in circuses
    is cruel, instead she gives it credence by visiting one. SHAMEFUL AND THOUGHTLESS

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