Charles’s Dicky Tummy Detox

  March 11, 2009 at 9:25 am by

Detox tincture

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It seems that England is producing some miracle cures from the unlikeliest of sources. Firstly there’s the £15 bottle of water from the English Channel currently sweeping parts of the USA and France which claims to rejuvenate and replenish (what doesn’t these days?) and has, according to London’s Metro paper, been proved to turn back the hands of time. And secondly and even more unlikely is the new addition the the Duchy Originals “herbal” range. It’s a mix of dandelions and artichokes which is said to aid digestion and detox the body and is being flogged under the rather twee name of “Duchy Original’s Herbal Tincture”.

However, a Professor from the Peninsula Medical School has denounced the tincture as ‘quackery’ saying; “Prince Charles [is] financially exploiting a gullible public in a time of financial hardship”. Still, no word from the UK Chief Medical Officer or the Royal College of Physicians and so the product will continue to be sold. According to a Duchy spokesman; “There is no “quackery”, no “make believe” and no “superstition” in any of the Duchy Originals herbal tinctures. We find it unfortunate that Professor Ernst should chase sensationalist headlines in this way rather than concentrating on accuracy and objectivity.”

It’s an interesting thought that the heir to the throne has turned apothecary to the nation and although I’m as big a fan of Charles as anyone can be, it’ll be a cold day in East London before I crack open a jar of Duchy Originals Leeches.

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