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This is the monthly blog entry with news from the Royal genealogy threads, this time with news for August 2011. As always, a big thank you goes out to the contributors of the Genealogy threads.

Royal births and pregnancies
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden announced on August 17, that they are expecting their first child. The Duke and Duchess of Vendôme, Prince Jean and Princess Philomena of Orléans are expecting their second child. They are already parents to a son, Prince Gaston. The Danish Royal Court announced that Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are expecting their second child together. They are already (step)parents to Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix (Prince Joachim’s children with his first wife, Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg) and Prince Henrik. Prince Charles-Philippe and Princess Diana of Orléans, The Duke and Duchess of Anjou and The Duke-Consort and Duchess of Cadaval, announced that they are expecting their first child in February 2012. From pictures it seems that the Emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and his second wife née Princess Haya bint Al Hussein of Jordan, are expecting their second child together. The couple is already parents to Sheikha Al Jalila. Since both the Royal Court of Jordan and the Court of the Emir of Dubai don’t confirm pregnancies, we won’t know for sure until either we see an extremely clear picture of Princess Haya in the future or until the new Sheikh or Sheikha is born.

Princess Anna Maria Radziwill and Dominik Ronda had their third child and third daughter, Helena on August 5. Helena joins Joanna and Anna Gabriella.

The list of current (known) Royal pregnancies:

– Princess Xenia Galitzine and Alberto Matta Maya. (1stchild)
– Prince Antonius and Princess Matilde of Fürstenberg, née Countess Borromeo (1st child)
Prince Friedrich Alexander and Princess Isabella of Oettingen-Oettingen and Oettingen-Wallerstein. (2nd child)
– Prince Shivraj Singh and Princess Gayatri Kumari of Jodhpur, née Princess of Askot (1st child)
– Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark. (2nd child together, 4th child for Prince Joachim, due in January 2012)
– The Duke and Duchess of Vendôme, Prince Jean and Princess Philomena of Orléans. (2nd child, due in January 2012)
– The Duke and Duchess of Anjou, Prince Charles-Philippe and Princess Diana of Orléans, the Duke-Consort and Duchess of Cadaval. (1st child, due in February 2012)
– Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden, Duchess and Duke of Västergötland. (1st child, due in March 2012)
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and his second wife née Princess Haya bint Al Hussein of Jordan

Royal engagements and weddings
Princess Maria Antonia of Orleans-Braganza married Pablo Trindade on 6 August, while Prince Ludwig of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn married religiously Countess Philippa Spannocchi on August 20. Their civil wedding took place on May 20. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, head of the Royal House of Prussia and head of the German Imperial House, married Princess Sophie of Isenburg on August 27, the same day that Countess Josephine Bernadotte of Wisborg married Mikael Salenstedt. The civil wedding of
Prince Christian Georg of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Princess Alice of Hohenlohe-Bartenstein took place on 26 August, and the religious wedding was supposed to take place on August 27, but has been postponed to 2012 because of health problems of the mother of the bride.

Royal Deaths
The 12th Duke of Arenberg, Prince Jean-Engelbert, died on August 15. He leaves behind his wife, née Princess Sophie of Bavaria [the youngest daughter of the last Crown Prince of Bavaria, Prince Rupprecht, and his second wife, née Princess Antonia of Luxembourg], their 4 sons and 1 daughter, their children-in-law and their grandchildren.
The new Duke, Prince Léopold, is married to Princess Isabel-Juliana, née Countess of Stolberg-Stolberg, and they have 1 daughter, Princess Natasha, and 2 sons, Hereditary Prince Philippe-Leopold and Prince Alexandre.
Prince Charles-Louis is married to Princess Fiammetta, née Fiammetta, Marquise de Frescobaldi Franceschi Marini. They have 1 daughter, Princess Anne-Hélène, and 1 son, Prince Evrard.
Princess Marie-Gabriele, Countess Gilles Morel de Boncourt, is married to Count Gilles Morel de Boncourt. They have 2 daughters, Maïté and Charlotte, and 2 sons, Antoine and Louis.
Prince Henri is married to Princess Marie Thérèse “Dainé”, née Viscountess de Spoelberch. They have 1 son, Prince Charles-Ferdinand, and 2 daughters, Princess Joia and Princess Olympia.
Prince Etienne is married to Princess Andrienne, née Andrienne Keller. They have 2 daughters, Princess Amélie and Princess Larissa. 

Princess Muneerah Bint Abdul Aziz Bin Musaed Bin Juluwe of Saudi Arabia died on August 19. The Princess was one of the wives of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and the mother of his eldest son, Prince Khaled.

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