Crown Prince Frederik Has Surgery

  March 10, 2009 at 5:54 pm by

It has been reported that Crown Prince Frederik has undergone surgery to repair a fractured leg. He sustained the injury during the family’s skiing holiday in Switzerland a few weeks ago. Apparently he injured his leg while riding on a sled with his children, but was unaware of the injury for a while after it happened. There were no reports at the time of any sledding accidents, and Prince Christian and Princess Isabella appear to have been unaffected by the incident which caused Prince Frederik’s injury.

Since his skiing holiday, he has taken part in a sailing competition in Florida, even though he had an injured leg.

He will have to wear a cast on his leg for several weeks while it heals.

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One Response to Crown Prince Frederik Has Surgery

  1. lucien says:

    Frederik cracked his fibula.He will stay in hospital overnight but will be discharged in the morning allthough with his leg in a cast for 6 weeks.

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