Archduke Otto von Habsburg has died

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The former head of the Imperial House of Habsburg, Archduke Otto von Habsburg, has passed away at the age of ninety-eight.

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The Habsburg family released the news on their website, stating that he died in his sleep, at his home in Pöcking, Upper Bavaria. He will be buried later this month in the Kapuzinergruft (Emperor’s Tomb), below the Capuchin Church in Vienna, the resting place of past Habsburg rulers (with the exception of the Archduke’s father, Emperor Karl, who is buried in Madeira). Requiem masses will be held in Pöcking, Munich, Vienna and Budapest, following a three-day viewing at a Pöcking church.

The Archduke, the eldest son of Austria’s last Emperor and Empress, has been quite frail since the death of his wife, Archduchess Regina, in February 2010. He is survived by his seven children: sons Karl (the current Head of the House of Habsburg) and Georg; and daughters Andrea, Monika, Michaela, Gabriela and Walburga, plus multiple grandchildren.

Click here to read an extensive biography of the Archduke.

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7 Responses to Archduke Otto von Habsburg has died

  1. Ari says:

    A terrible loss.
    Otto von Habsburg was a living legend, history.


  2. Arun Dube says:

    Archduke Otto von Habsburg was a perfect gentleman and would have been an ideal monarch. Had the Habsburg rule continued in Austria after World War I and had he become the emperor after his father’s death in 1922, he would have been the longest-reigning monarch in history.
    May his soul rest inpeace.

  3. Diana Holdsworth says:

    I am very touched by the Archduke’s passing. He was a fine man, a gentleman, and would have made a fine monarch. My grandfather, also named Otto (Furth), was a member of the Free Austria movement, and worked on the Archduke’s behalf. Otto von Habsburg was known at the time as “Otto of Austria.” May God bless his soul.

  4. Chip Wagar says:

    Alas, we will not see another like him in our lifetimes. A noble man in every sense of the word from one of the greatest families in European history. He did not live in the past. The future held no terrors for him. He believed and always worked for a free and united Europe. This is a man who was true royalty is in his spirit and his heart. The love by his country and of all the countries of the former Empire of this great family will be his legacy.

  5. Ignatius Gonsalves says:

    A great, holy and noble soul has departed.
    I had the honor of talking to him, over the phone of course,during my visit to Munich in 1989.We discussed many things concerning history and culture , anchoring on India.He even sent his son George to meet me with a gift to my hotel, as it was impossible for us to meet personally, due to previously consented engagements.
    Several years later, His wife Regina Von Habsburg, Son Karl ,his wife and children visited Cochin, my home city in Kerala, southern India, and I had the privilege of meeting and paying my respects to them.
    May his soul rest in peace.
    Ignatius Gonsalves,
    Chief Editor, Jeevanaadam(Voice of Life),
    Cochin, Kerala,

  6. Dr. Barbara Ann Smith says:

    I am very sorry I never had the privilege to meet my great relative. You see, my great grand mother was a Hapsburg. Her name was Maria Speciale by marriage. Her husband was killed protecting the King. Maria moved to the USA in the early 20th century. I have a brother named John Joseph Iannone. Please will somone get in touch with me from the Hapsburg family. We would like to meet and visit all our Great Grand Mother’s family. Barbara Ann Smith

  7. Cindy Widya Japardi says:

    Gomenasai for not hearing the death of Otto von Habsburg. May Lord bless his soul at the Heaven. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.
    Cindy Widya Japardi

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