Prince Albert & Charlene Wittstock’s Religious Wedding

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HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco married Charlene Wittstock in a religious ceremony earlier today.

The religious wedding took place in the Main Courtyard of the Prince’s Palace. 2500 people were invited to watch the ceremony on larg creens at the Palace Square. After the ceremony, the Bridal couple left the Palace and went to the Sainte Dévote church in order for the Princess to leave her bouquet. Tonight, an official dinner will be held at the Opéra terraces, which will followed by fireworks and the opening of the Ball in the Opéra.

The weddingdress of the new Princess Charlene was created by Armani. The Princess wore a beautiful, yet simple figure hugging white dress, with a veil over her hair. Princess Charlene wore a gorgeos diamond hairpiece in her hair, which was in a really nice updo.

The mass
The wedding mass was presided by the Archbishop of Monaco, Bernard Barsi, and will be celebrated by André Dupuy, the Apostolic Nuncio to the Principality of Monaco, by Alberto Maria Careggio, Bishop of Ventimiglia-San Remo, by René Giuliano, Vicar General and by the whole clergy of Monaco.

The music
The Philharmonic Orchestra of Monaco and the Choir of the Opera of Monte-Carlo, prepared by Stefano Visconti, are placed under the direction of Lawrence Foster. Renée Fleming, soprano, Pumeza Matshikiza, soprano, Juan Diego Flórez, tenor and Andrea Bocelli, tenor, will also take part in the ceremony. The quartet of soloists for the elements of the mass composed by Mozart is made up of Lisa Larsson, soprano, Wiebke Lehmkuhl, alto, Kenneth Tarver, tenor and Alexander Vinogradov, basso. The Choir of the Cathedral of Monaco and the Little Singers of Monaco are under the direction of Pierre Debat, the Chapel Master of the Cathedral of Monaco and of the Prince’s Palace. The Grand Organ will be played by Olivier Vernet, lead organist at the Cathedral of Monaco.  The Choir Organ will be played by Jean-Cyrille Gandillet.

Among the guests:

Bride and groom:
– HSH the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, Prince Albert, and Charlene Wittstock.

Father and mother of the bride
– Michael and Lynette Wittstock.

Sisters of the groom
– HRH the Princess of Hanover, Hereditary Princess Caroline of Monaco.
– HSH Princess Stéphanie of Monaco.

Brothers of the bride:
– Gareth Wittstock.
– Sean Wittstock.

Other members of the direct family of the groom:
– Andrea Casiraghi and his girlfriend, Tatiana Santo Domingo.
– Charlotte Casiraghi and her boyfriend, Alex Dellal.
– Pierre Casiraghi and his girlfriend, Beatrice Borromeo.
– HRH Princess Alexandra of Hanover.
– Louis Ducruet.
– Pauline Ducruet.
– Camille Grimaldi.
– Elisabeth-Anne de Massy with her children, Jean-Léonard and Mélanie-Antoinette.

Step family of the groom:
– HRH Prince Ernst-August of Hanover.
– HRH Prince Christian of Hanover

Other Royals:
– TM King Albert and Queen Paola of the Belgians.
– TM King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden.
– HM King Leruo Molotlegi of the Royal Bafokeng Nation.
– HM King Letsie III of Lesotho
– HIM Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran.
– TRH Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg.
– HRH Markgrave Maximilian and HIRH Margravine Valerie of Baden, Archduchess of Austria, Princess of Hungary, Princess of Bohemia, Princess of Tuscany.
– HRH the Aga Khan, Prince Karim Aga Khan.
– TRH Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden, the Duchess and Duke of Västergötland.
– TRH the Duke and Duchess of Brabant, Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium.
– TRH Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway.
– TRH the Prince and Princess of Orange, Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands.
– TRH Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Count and Countess of Monpezat.
– HRH the Crown Prince of Bahrain, Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.
– HRH Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg.
– HSH Hereditary Prince Alois and HRH Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein, Princess of Bavaria, Duchess in Bavaria.
– TIRH Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz of Belgium, Archduchess and Archduke of Austria-Este.
– TRH Prince Laurent and Princess Claire of Belgium.
– HIRH Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and his fiancée, HSH Princess Sophie of Isenburg.
– TRH the Count and Countess of Paris, Prince Henri and Princess Micaela of Orléans.
– TRH the Duke and Duchess of Anjou, Prince Louis Alphonse and Princess María Margarita of Bourbon.
– TRH Hereditary Prince Bernhard and Hereditary Princess Stéphanie of Baden.
– TRH the Earl and Countess of Wessex, the Prince Edward and Sophie, Princess Edward of the United Kingdom of Great-Britain and Northern Ireland.
– TRH Prince Michael and Marie-Christine, Princess Michael of Kent, Baroness of Reibnitz.
– TRH Prince Faisal bin Hussein and Princess Sarah of Jordan.
– HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of Thailand.
– TRH Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark, Count and Countess of Monpezet.
– HRH Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, the Duke of Värmland.
– HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden, the Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland.
– HIH Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia.
– HIRH Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia, Prince of Prussia.
– TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia
– TRH Crown Princess Margarita and Prince Radu of Romania.
– HSH Princess Virginia Ira of Fürstenberg.
– TRH Prince Leopold and Princess Ursela of Bavaria.
– TRH the Duke and Duchess of Bragança, Dom Duarte Pio and Dona Isabel of Portugal.
– TRH the Prince and Princess of Naples, Prince Vittorio Emanuele and Princess Marina of Savoy.
– TRH the Prince and Princess of Venice and Piedmont, Prince Emanuele Filiberto and Princess Clotilde of Savoy.
– Lalla Soukaïna Filali of Morocco.

More information about the church wedding can be found in the thread:

Wedding of Albert and Charlene: Church wedding and celebrations, July 2 2011

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13 Responses to Prince Albert & Charlene Wittstock’s Religious Wedding

  1. Steve Howes says:

    What a beautiful moment in the St Devote chapel.
    Where can one get a copy of the beautiful duet sung at the chapel “devotion to Our Lady “?

  2. Steve Howes says:

    Your Serene Highness,you made every South African proud today and were not the only one to shed a tear in the chapel.
    That was the defining moment !


  4. Your designation for Albert, II “HSH” reminded me of the time a columnist for The Columbus Dispatch referred to Albert’s sister and her husband a prince of Hannover as “Mr. and Mrs. Hanover.”

    “‘Hanover’ has two n’s,” I informed him, “and the Duchess of Hannover has been referred to as ‘Her Serene Highness’ all her life. So she is Her Serene Highness, and he is His Serene Highness. Together, they are Their Serene Highnesses, but NEVER ‘Mr. and Mrs. Hannover’.”

    “How do you know this?” he asked.

    He may well ask.

  5. Jenny le Roux South Africa says:

    May Their Highnesses be blessed with many Happy Healthy years together. I do not speak French but just the tune and the way the duet was sung could almost feel the meaning. I would love to knoW the title and if there is an English translation.

  6. so chic… so elegant… so delicate…. so touching especially in Sainte Devote Chapel… may our Good Lord keeps them in Care, Love and Respect for each other, their families and Countries – with my best congratulations… GELUK (is it the right word ?)

  7. Jasmine says:

    How wonderful. I wish them a blessed marriage

  8. Mavis Fraser says:

    How time goes by! now Prince Albert is middle aged. Age brings Experience.Experience brings Windom. Prince Albert has acquired these lessons. I trust that patience and love will be the dominant antidote in their lives. May they have a wounderful life together.

  9. Carolyn Wilson says:

    Please: Why does our Australian newspaper show a picture of PRINCESS
    CHARLENE crying and PRINCE ALBERT looking so morose?
    Why the cry of tears because of “paternity problems.” – according to our newspaper?
    I felt so sad when I saw the photo this morning. I thought that they were perfect for each other.
    However our news has just said that the Princess was refused her passport 3 times. (viz. purporting that she wanted to leave.)
    Yet when I see the photos on your site: I wonder very much.
    Can someone please advise me as to what is correct?

    Thanks for everything you have provided.

    Best wishes,

  10. Charna Blumberg says:

    My best wishes to the bride and groom. I hope Princess Charlene has gotten over her “cold feet” and will be happy in her marriage. As for Father James’s comments about Princess Caroline and Prince Ernst August titles, he still has it wrong. Whereas, Caroline and all of the Monaco royalty are SERENE highnesses, Prince Ernst August is a ROYAL Highness. Since the tradition is that the wife takes her husband’s status, upon marriage Caroline became H.R.H. Princess Caroline of Hanover. Also, Hanover has only one N.

  11. Vincent M. Vigilante says:

    Where are the Kelly family? Were they invited?

  12. M says:

    Who is Camille Grimaldi? Her last name is Gottlieb. Where were Jean-Leonard and Melanie? Didn’t see them at all. Christian Louis de Massy was there with Cecile and their sons. Chris Levine’s family-his wife Vickie and son were there too. You might want to specifiy which Ernest-August you’re talking about….’cause Ernest, husband of Caroline, was not there, his son was. And Albert’s sister is HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover, Heiress Presumptive of Monaco, not HRH the Princess of Hanover, Hereditary Princess Caroline of Monaco.

  13. Charlene did not look happy on her wedding day and was obviously upset by the comments Albert was making. She is too young and beautiful to waste her life away with this awful man!

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