Princess Astrid and prince Laurent Keep Their Donation – For Now

  March 10, 2009 at 5:29 pm by

belgiancoatofarms1The chairman of the Belgian senate, Armand de Decker (Walloon liberals), who is a member of the commission of parliamentarians who are researching the donation of the Belgian royal family, denies that princess Astrid and prince Laurent will not receive a donation anymore. Newspaper De Standaard reports that he also is critical of Pol van den Driessche, a Flemish Christian democrat who also is a member of the commission that researches the royal finances.

Van den Driessche told newspaper De Morgen that princess Astrid and prince Laurent will lose their annual donation from the state in the future. De Decker however issued the statement saying that the information that senator van den Driessche spread was untrue. He also points out that the commission is working on a system of royal donations for the next reign, not to change the one of the present reign of king Albert II.

Read the article in newspaper ‘De Standaard‘ in Dutch here.

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