Charlotte: Pomeline of Caroline’s Eye?

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As Charlotte Casiraghi stood on the #2 pedestal with her partner, Edwina Alexander, last Friday night, her mother, Princess Caroline de Hanovre, gazed proudly up at her. Princess Caroline and her brother, the Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco, were passing out the trophies to the top three winners of the Pro-Am Cup. This event was partially conceived by Charlotte herself one year ago. Professional and amateur jumping riders pair up and help each other gain points in a competition where each pair is sponsored by a commercial enterprise, and the total money raised benefits charity. Charlotte has always teamed up with the Aussie pro Edwina, their sponsor being the Gucci Group, for which Charlotte is a muse and ambassador. This is the third Pro-Am Cup for Charlotte and Edwina, but it was a first for Charlotte’s brother Pierre.

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Pierre Casiraghi did not compete. No, Pierre is not a jumping rider. Pierre owns Monacair, Monaco’s elite helicopter charter company, and Monacair sponsored Sheikh Shakhboot from Abu Dhabi and Lauley Squibb from Great Britain.

Charlotte and Edwina finished in the number two place. Pierre’s riders finished at number six, which, though not a pedestal rank, was still a prize rank.

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Charlotte has been performing amazingly well on the concourse this equestrian season. The writer has not always been a favorable observer of what have sometimes seemed like Charlotte’s unreasonable pretentions. Yet now the writer must concede that Princess Caroline’s elder daughter appears to have committed herself to the sport with renewed passion. Click here to view the results of the Pro-Am Cup, and here to read more information about the event.

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On Saturday, Charlotte placed third and fourth place (with, respectively, chestnut Troy and bay Madison d’Olgy) in a competition where she earned 2300 euros of the prize.

On Sunday, the Jumping International de Monte Carlo came to a end, amid the usual glamour. There was a formal dress party in the area, attended by Charlotte’s mother and uncle, as well as Pierre and his longtime girlfriend, Beatrice Borromeo.

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