Princess Lalla Salma Voted Most Elegant Woman at Royal Wedding

  May 16, 2011 at 9:33 pm by

If you watched the recent royal wedding, you might have caught a glimpse of Morocco’s Princess Lalla Salma, wife of King Mohamed VI.

Readers of the UK’s celebrity magazine Hello! have voted the Fez-born princess as the most elegant woman at the wedding in London on 29 April. “The North African beauty — dressed in a pale pink and gold caftan, the traditional clothing of her native country — easily triumphed in our most elegant woman competition gaining 55 percent of our readers’ votes,” the magazine said.

View the complete gallery of readers' choice winners at Hello!

Pippa Middleton came in second as she supported her sister the bride, Catherine Middleton, throughout the wedding day. The magazine wrote that “the battle for third place was closely fought with Charlene Wittstock — who is due to marry Prince Albert of Monaco this July — and Princess Letizia of Spain neck and neck most of the way.”

The Moroccan caftan can be dressy casual to extremely formal depending on the fabrics used. They can be worn at dinner parties, engagement parties and weddings.

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21 Responses to Princess Lalla Salma Voted Most Elegant Woman at Royal Wedding

  1. Karla says:

    Pippa looked stunning, kudos to her!

  2. Oesi says:

    The choice for Lalla Salma is unbelievable. Sure, she looks well dressed for a Maroccon princess; beautiful jewelry and embroidery on her dress. But most elegant??? No, there are others who should have been candidates for that title.

  3. Pantera says:

    I am with Oesi, besides not being elegant in the seventies’ kaftan, Lalla cannot even bring herself to smile! As to who really ‘won’ this ‘competition’ is hard to say. Most ladies there looked extremely elegant! But perhaps give credit to the bride as being the most elegant of them all!

  4. I am curious to know who the jury was. The mother of the bride was absolutely the topper! and is not being even mentioned. And Leticia ? To be honest I was quite surprised to see that she ended as the 3rd best dressed…Pipa was, as her mother, top!

  5. ps/ I found most surprisingly the choice of the Maroccon princess as the first. There were, indeed, others who better deserved that tittle.

  6. Jan says:

    I can’t believe this woman was voted the most elegant woman at the wedding! I totally disagree and feel there were many more women who were dressed much better then she.

  7. ada says:

    What a great choice, i have seen more images of her on the day and she looked divine. Elegance means simplicity and refinement. Her dress was regal and her persona was calm, despite her being on her own representing not just Morocco but the arab world.

  8. Genie says:

    She looks wonderful . . . although being that Pipa (who does indeed look wonderful also) I feel since she is a part of the wedding party (and has received a lot of press coverage as versus the Maroccon princess) , this would go without saying.

  9. Lena says:

    What about Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, she is a stunner no matter what function she attends.

  10. Queen Penelope says:

    Seriously?? The detailing is lovely, but I don’t think she was the most elegant. Who were the ones who voted? I can think of several attendees who were more elegant – Lady Frederick Windsor, Lady Gabriella Windsor, Lady Chatto, The Countess of Wessex, Carol Middleton…

  11. Vincent M. Vigilante says:

    Who voted Lalla Salma the most elegant woman? She wasn t as attractive as you think and I am surprised that she didn t wear hajij. Pippa looks stunning as well as Leticia and others. I would vote Lalla out.

  12. susan says:

    Almost 30,000 people voted on the Hello magazine website and Lalla Salma recieved over half the votes and rightly so.People wanted to something different and this is why she won and becuase she looked stunning.
    Just because she is not smilling in this photo, does not mean she is not elegant – look at Victoria Beckham, does she smile…ever? yet she is rgarded as elegant and stylish.

    The other women looked boring – well done Salma!

  13. sami says:

    lalla salma deserve this title even if she didn`t smile. she is very elegant and beautiful. her cafan is special, handmade, and represent a whole culture of kingdom of Morocco. she gave a good image of moroccan women.obviously all ladies in the wedding are beautiful.

  14. Meryben says:

    I agree, lalla salma is beautiful, and the kaftan, even if it s simple and ‘respectful’ to their believes, she looked amazing, she smells royalty 🙂

  15. ILyas says:

    she deserves; she is beautiful and the kaftan traditional & represent the culture of kingdom of morocco so it’s amazing. not like others dresses they are simple

  16. Faye says:

    How can any of you say she didn’t deserve this title? She looks amazingly beautiful in her traditional clothing, and unique as well. She got this title because unlike of the other women (who are beautiful as well) she stood out from the crowd with her bright red hair, pale skin, and beautiful wardrobe. As you can clearly see, the others all had similar clothing on; knee-length dress/suit, straightened hair, or a hat. She looks like an amazon goddess in her outfit, and she most definitely deserves the title. Kudos to you, Princess Salma.

  17. Miranda says:

    The princess of Morocco is stunning, she looks wonderful and too beautiful she deserves to be the most elegant lady at royal weeding.

  18. stephani says:

    I don’t understand why ‘Vincent M. Vigilante’ mentioned the headscarf. It has nothing to do with this. Not every muslim wears a headscarf, and what if she did. She could also win with a headscarf! And she clearly deserves it. Basically because she’s unique and she’s very very beautiful. They were all beautiful, but they all look the same. Lalla Salma is just perfect.

  19. jack says:

    the vote was right this princess has a touch of arab beauty with that special drees wich they call it kaftan .we have to be honest she is cute not like other women with make up and Plastic surgery

  20. sarah says:

    i really do agree with you guys!! she really deserves it!! she looked stunning! she is the most elegant woman in my country! (morocco)

  21. Safa says:

    Lalla Salma looked Amazing,she did deserve the award,she did smile,the picture was just taken at the wrong moment,,you are just jealous that such a Beaty won the award #HomeTownMorocco❤

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