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In the years 2005-2008, Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco was focused on, first, completing her studies at Lycee Fenelon, and then several internships and collaborations in the print media. But by her own admission in one of her interviews last year, there was “something missing.” That something was her passion for the equestrian jumping sport.

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Since early 2009, she has been increasingly in the saddle and has been cementing her relationships with the most elite figures in the sport. Her iconic beauty and the allure of her princely heritage proved to be too tempting for high fashion to ignore and, at the start of 2010, it was announced that she was to be the equestrian “ambassador” of the Gucci Group. She was fitted in made-only-for-her sports wear, designed by Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini, with some collaboration from Charlotte herself. Even the horses that Charlotte rides are outfitted in the Gucci colors and logo.

The fusion of Charlotte’s interest in fashion and passion for horse jumping was thus accomplished, and now she has merged a third interest: Publishing. The publication that she co-founded in 2009, Ever Manifesto, has only one issue to date.

Maybe Charlotte’s interest in her latest project, GCT Life, will be more sustainable, because of its theme — the fashionable aspect of the Global Champions Tour. This goes further to the core of Charlotte’s heart than Ever Manifesto, which was, to use her own phrase, a “think tank” for people in the fashion industry who want to make it more sustainable.

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GCT Life is being launched this weekend as the Global Champions Tour’s riders compete in Valencia, Spain.

Charlotte explained about the magazine, on the GCT Life website:

“Horse riding has always been synonymous with high fashion, glamour and a desirable lifestyle. The magazine aims to provide both those that are passionate as well as those that are curious about equestrian life with a thrilling, in-depth experience of what it’s all about. I want to thank Jan Tops for this unique opportunity and to pay tribute to my team of illustrious contributors.”

Jan Tops, the GCT’s founder, expressed gratitude to Charlotte “for guiding the project from start to finish and putting together such a talented team with world famous contributors.” He pointedly said that Charlotte is the editor of the first edition, which opens the possibility that Charlotte won’t be editor of future editions. Charlotte typically leaves an “out” for herself, in case she wants to do something else, such as, perhaps, a second edition of Ever Manifesto.

Read more about the launch of GCT Life here.

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